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  Welcome to the 2000 South Central Regional Programming Contest! We are very happy to have you here. I hope that everyone has a good time and that you all learn something.

We have tried very hard to host a contest that will be the ultimate warm-up for the ACM International Programming Contest. The winner from here will advance to the 2001 International Programming Contest (and maybe others depending on how many teams solve at least one problem). Before the contest starts you should all stop and realize that you are already winners. You have been chosen as the best at your school. Just being here means you have made it to the semi-finals!

We have tried to make this contest less hassle for the teams and the coaches by providing systems for each team. This solves many problems:

  • Teams don't have to borrow systems to use for the contest
  • No fear over loss or damage of school equipment
  • No time spent building the system for the contest
  • No all nighter on Friday while getting your system certified
  • Almost equal systems (performance and software)

With any luck, the contestants will have a good night's sleep before the contest (one of the reasons that practice ends at 10:00 PM). By the way, the labs that we will be using are all public access student labs (normally) or computerized classrooms. Each system you will use will be 500 MHz (or faster) pentium computer. You will have plenty of room in the C:\temp to do your work (that is where you should do all of your work).

We hope that you also agree that the many advantages of this environment out-weigh the few disadvantages (if you don't agree yet, think about gathering all your stuff up after the contest :).

We have invited the head of the FBI Computer Crime Division in New Orleans to speak on Friday night. I have worked with this gentleman quite a bit over the last several years. I hope you find him as interesting as I do. This may not be the only time you meet this gentleman in the future (for some the FBI would be a great career path, for others the FBI might the end of a career).

I bet you would like to know about prizes. You all already have t-shirts to remember this occasion by. You also have certificates to document your particiapation. IBM has furnished prizes for the top six teams. We will acknowledge the highest finishing team from a school without a graduate program. As a special bonus, we have a prize for the first team to solve each of the eight problems.

Once again, welcome! If we can do anything for you, please ask.

Thanks to:

  • IBM (Clearlake division)
  • FBI Computer Crime Unit from New Orleans
  • Louisiana State University
  • Office of Computing Services
  • Computer Science Department
  • Community Coffee
  • LSU Library
  • LSU Union
  • All the volunteers who have worked so hard to make this happen
  • You - for being here


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